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sustainable sources of energy. >>> the president will lead to try to help the middle class there. they will do the same thing in georgia and illinois. peter doocy live in washington, thank you. that brings us to our look who is talking. we are hearing from florida senator marco rubio. last night following the president's state of the union it was rubio chosen to give the public response and play out the differences between the two parties. >> my parents immigrated here in pursuit of the opportunity to improve their life and a chance for their children to have a better one. they made it to the middle class. my dad working agz a bartender my mother as a cashier and a made. i didn't inherit any money from them. i inherited something far better the real opportunity to accomplish my dream. raising taxes won't make a better job. that's why i hope the president will abandon his obsession with raising taxes and instead work with us to achieve real growth in our economy. this idea that our problems were caused by a government that was too small is just not true. in fact a major cause of our recent down
Search Results 0 to 1 of about 2 (some duplicates have been removed)